Delivery Information

Hire Delivery and Collection Policy

It is important to us to get your delivery right first time. On placing the order we get in touch within 24 (business) hours to discuss delivery details. To ensure you have a hassle free delivery it is important to inform us of the following restrictions when placing an order:

Doors / Lifts / Passage less than  80 cm wide
Grab the measuring tape because eyes can be deceiving. Ensure you measure the internal width not the frame and remember to take radiators and open doors into consideration. *This does not include certain models which are larger and we will contact you regarding these restrictions.


Steps / Stairwells
Please advise If you have any steps or stairs inside your house or unit. Free delivery only applies to first floor (ground floor) deliveries, ensure to advise the 2 man delivery option if we need to navigate stairs. Note: Two man deliveries are not available at the moment as a result of COVID-19


Tight spaces
If you have had to pivot furniture around these corners please let us know.


Clear Path
If there are any fences, hedges or objects in the path of the delivery we need to be notified. As we wheel the equipment into place any obstructions that we require us to lift the equipment will be needs extra hands.

Arranging Delivery and Demonstration

We will arrange prompt delivery to you normally within 48 hrs of placing the order. If you would like a demonstration of the product please ensure you are available during delivery.

applies for 3 Months + hire

Normal delivery or collection take place during Monday to Saturday between 9.00am and 4.00pm unless otherwise agreed. Delivery and collection times are usually arranged to suit you where possible. There might be a charge for deliveries and collections outside the normal hours.

If you cancel the delivery or collection with less than 24 hours notice, the delivery access restrictions are not brought to our attention before delivery or you are not present at the agreed time there will be a charge of up to $15 for re-delivery or collection.